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About McGregor Memorial EMS

McGregor Memorial EMS is a regional, non-profit organization providing emergency healthcare and education to the New Hampshire Seacoast Region.

Mcgregor Offers:

  • Emergency Ambulance Services for Durham, Lee, Madbury and UNH

  • Education for EMS professionals

  • CPR safe training and certification for schools

  • CPR and First Aid training for the public


McGregor Ambulance Services


McGregor is the primary emergency 911 ambulance service for the communities of Durham, Lee, Madbury, and the University of New Hampshire. McGregor has been providing these services for over 45 years.


McGregor Provides:

  • Equipment

    • Three Advanced Life Support ambulances - incorporating state-of-the-art equipment

    • Paramedic Intercept Vehicle - to allow for expedient, advanced level care to all of our communities

    • Supervisor Vehicle - for general and operational needs

    • Zoll X Series Cardiac Monitor - state of the art equipment to monitor vital life signs

  • EMT Personnel

    • Over 70 active EMT's

  • Advanced Life Support Team - With a large, highly-experienced team of paramedics and intermediates, we strive to make advanced life support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    • 14 Paramedics with a multitude of experience

    • 20 Advanced/Intermediates

  • Seasoned EMS Professionals - Every one of the senior providers at McGregor Memorial EMS has years of experience and training. Indeed, most of our senior "volunteers" are seasoned EMS professionals who work for some of the most highly-regarded EMS organizations in the area, including:

    • Frisbie Memorial Hospital EMS Intercept Services

    • Greater Lowell EMS Intercept Services

    • Wentworth Douglass Hospital Emergency Department

    • Our senior providers include EMS instructors, nurses, medical students, and doctors.

  • Ongoing Education and Training - We have a strong commitment to ongoing education and training. McGregor provides extensive weekly and monthly training in-house, and makes available numerous opportunities for advanced EMS training.

  • On-call Station Coverage - While most volunteer services rely exclusively on "at-home" providers to respond to calls (slowing response time), we maintain in-station coverage for the vast majority of our calls.

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