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Fire Departments


McGregor works very closely with local fire departments to coordinate integral team responses.

Durham Fire Department


McGregor Ambulance responds with the Durham Fire Department on every medical call in the Town of Durham and to all incidents on the University of New Hampshire campus. Durham Fire also has EMTs and is able to provide, in most cases, the same care as the ambulance. Durham Fire typically responds with their speciality truck, call sign "Medic 1," and will occasionally respond additional apparatus depending on the severity of the emergency. Medic 1 has all of the same medical equipment as the ambulance, and is able to provide Advanced Life Support care while either awaiting an incoming McGregor ambulance or assisting with an onscene McGregor Ambulance.


Lee Fire Department

McGregor responds with the Lee Fire Department to every medical call in the Town of Lee. They have a multitude of well trained EMTs and are able to provide some Advanced Life Support care to residents whenever 911 is called. McGregor works very closely with Lee Fire and provides emergency medical care and transport for the Town of Lee. Bringing both departments together, allow for the highest level of care for all residents.


Madbury Fire Department


McGregor EMS repsonds with Madbury FAST (First Aid Stabilization Team) squad to all 911 medical emergencies in the Town of Madbury. Madbury Fire is made up of 30 dedicated volunteers that respond round the clock to those who call for aid. Madbury FAST has a multitude of highly trained EMTs and provide excellent emergency care. Madbury and McGregor work very closely together to help better serve the citizens of the Town of Madbury.


Mutual Aid Services


McGregor Memorial EMS enjoys close working relationships with EMS and Fire Agencies from surrounding towns. Among them are:


NH EMS Strike Team


McGregor is proud to be a member of the New Hampshire Ambulance Strike Team.


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