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Doc McGregor

McGregor Memorial EMS was founded in 1968 in honor of Dr. George G. McGregor.


“George C. McGregor … a good doctor [and] a man with a great sense of humor and an inexhaustible supply of stories…. People remembered Dr. McGregor as a fine physician, but they especially remembered the character of the man. And he was a character! Everyone had his own Dr. McGregor story. The doctor was famous for his Sunday morning walks to Jack Grant’s for the paper. His usual attire was pajamas, a bathrobe, a hat and a cigar. He often stopped to play the piano at Gerry Smiths’ on his way home….Many of his older patients delighted in his outrageous language and felt better just to have him visit.


Dr. McGregor died on March 13, 1967, the day before [Durham] town meeting. At that meeting, the citizens voted to form a committee to organize an ambulance corps in memory of the doctor. As a result, the George G. McGregor Ambulance Corps became a reality in February 1968….this has been a very fitting memorial, and all Durham, Lee, and Madbury residents are grateful.”


From Durham, New Hampshire a history 1900-1985, pp. 61-63.

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