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Become an Emergency Medical Technitian

Interested in becoming an EMT? Let us help you!

An EMT, or Emergency Medical Technician, is a person trained to respond to medical emergencies. They provide assessments and treat emergency medical conditions with a wealth of knowledge provided during EMT training. Training involves an emphasis on airway management, trauma stabilization, CPR, anatomy & physiology, cardiac management, bloodborne pathogens, and extrication. EMTs are responsible for primary treatment and transport of the sick and injured.

We provide EMT training for all of those who are interested in becoming one. We teach a multitude of classes each year with different time and schedule options to best suit your schedule. The classes typically run for 3 months and average 2-3 days a week of class and clinical time.


Being a McGregor member will provide you with countless hours of free on-the-job training and experience. You will get the chance to work with some of the most experienced providers and will have the opportunity to become the best provider possible. McGregor works with your schedule through a flexible scheduling system designed to accommodate the varying needs of our volunteers.

Still interested? Click Here to visit the McGregor Institute of EMS webpage and check out our upcoming classes and even sign up!



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