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McGregor Equipment

McGregor Memorial EMS is remarkably lucky to have access to some of the best equipment available. Much of this is made possible through donations and the countless hours of volunteer dedication by our many members. A multitude of time is given to the maintenance of such great equipment.

McGregor Ambulance 1

2017 Ford E-450/PL Custom Type III

McGregor Ambulance 2

2012 Chevy G4500/PL Custom Type III

McGregor Ambulance 3

2018 Ford E-450/PL Custom Type III (2009 Box)

McGregor Paramedic 7

2013 Ford Explorer/PL Custom Paramedic intercept

McGregor Car 9

2007 Toyota 4Runner Supervisor Vehicle

Stryker Stretchers

3 Stryker Power Stretchers

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