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Our Station

As our call volume and volunteer numbers have increased significantly since moving into our current station, McGregor has found that our present facility does not meet the demands we ask of it. Since 2005, volunteer hours have gone up over 21,000 hours, we began classes through the institute, increased our members and number of vehicles. Our station located on UNH campus is a single story 2500 sq. foot building which has received multiple renovations over the years. It lacks a private meeting and office space meaning the back of ambulances and other facilities are often used as a substitute. The ambulance bay only fits 2 of our 3 ambulances and leaves limited storage space and no room for our paramedic intercept or supervisor vehicle. Not only do we have our reserve ambulance stored in Lee but, limited space leaves our vehicles susceptible to vandalism and when it snows having to clear off exposed cars impacts our response times for the community. Along with the lack of suitable space for our volunteers, the station has several other issues such as climate control, insufficient water pressure, and leaks. Overall, our station now impacts our efficiency, ability to hold classes, and provide the best service to our members and the community. Moving forward, we hope to secure a new location to build within the UNH campus or lease a new facility that fits our growing organization.        

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