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Practice Change for Spinal Treatment


McGregor Memorial EMS strives to be on the forefront of change and progress in prehospital Emergency Medicine. In keeping up with our goal, we have instituted a very recent change in our practice, in accordance with NH State EMS Protocol. The use of long backboards for spinal and cervical injuries in the pre hospital setting has been eliminated. The use of a c-collar is still within the scope of practice, but in a limited use. This change comes after years of backboarding all patients with suspected spinal or cervical injuries. 


McGregor is committed to informing the public and all associated agencies in an effort to increase patient comfort and care. Below, you will find many resources that explain and justify the change of the long time treatment modality. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to give us a call. 



McGregor in Fosters!

McGregor was recently featured in an article by Foster's Daily Democrat!

Informational Resources:


Journal of Emergency Medical Services Article





Article on Cervical Spinal Immbolization during Extrication





Article on Spinal Immbolization with Penetrating Trauma





Article on Trauma Patient Immobilization 





Article from the American College of EMS Physcians









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