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Come Join our Safe, Professional, and Compassionate Team of Volunteers!

Whether you are considering becoming an EMT student or are an experienced provider, McGregor has a place for you! Joining McGregor EMS is a rewarding and impactful way to give back to your community!


McGregor EMS uses some of the most advanced safety equipment available that is deployed using carefully crafted policies to protect our members and our community.


"Committed to Compassionate Excellence" - Treating our patients as we would want our loved ones treated in their moment of need.  


McGregor EMS is led by providers with years of experience. Every member is expected to uphold the highest level of professionalism.

Already and EMT or enrolled in an EMT program? Join our team!
Become a Member


Get involved in your Community. Join Us!


Want to see first-hand what we do?

McGregor Memorial EMS is ALWAYS seeking new volunteers interested in serving their community. Anyone interested in membership or becoming an EMT is encouraged to apply. Please note all volunteers undergo a mandatory background and reference check.


Questions? E-mail us!

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