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The McGregor Memorial EMS Volunteers

If you reside or work in Durham, Lee, Madbury or on the UNH campus and have ever needed our services, it is likely that the McGregor members who cared for you were well trained volunteers. During a medical emergency, a patient is not in the position to know who is caring for him or her and only wants to know they're in good hands. I'd like to tell you more about those good hands. Both our 65 volunteers and paid staff come from all walks of life. Many are UNH undergrad or graduate students, several are community residents working full-time jobs in teaching, nursing, parenting, businesses or social services. Our per diem paramedics work full-time shifts at other paid EMS services. Some members return during breaks from medical, physician assistant or paramedic schools to volunteer their time. Some members take their own semester breaks to serve in medically under served locales such as Ghana or Honduras. All of this is done in addition to McGregor's expectation that the volunteers serve at least 32 hours per month.

We staff two ambulances 24/7 and add a third during busy (surge) times. Paramedic services are available 24/7. Members often sacrifice time away from families on holidays and weekends to provide coverage. They take overnight shifts and sleep in a cramped bunk room or "crash" on a sofa.

Every licensed EMT, Advanced EMT and Paramedic also has to take refresher training to keep their license active. Thus, continuous training and education keeps members up-to-date on advancements in Emergency Medical Services.

You are invited to stop in at any time to see McGregor members in action. To ride along or schedule a tour please email

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