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Annual Fund Drive

On behalf of all of us here, “Happy and Healthy Holidays to you and yours!”

We are launching our 2014 Annual Fund Drive with a mailing of our brochure coming to a mailbox near you. I know we are often inundated with appeals especially at this time of year yet I ask you to consider donating to an organization that is both local and locally serves the residents of Durham, Lee, Madbury and the University of New Hampshire.

As you look over the brochure and perhaps better understand all that we do, also know that your packet was one of thousands prepared by volunteers at McGregor Memorial EMS. Each member understands and appreciates the importance of our fund drive. Last year, donations helped us to purchase 4 state-of-the-art cardiac monitors that replaced 10-year-old units. Total cost? $120,000. It is indeed expensive to operate an EMS service and, as we are not affiliated with any municipal entity, we rely on sources of income including patient billing, tuitions from our Institute courses and donations. We have proudly and continuously served our communities for over 46 years at a “cost” per resident that is the envy of many EMS providers and their associated communities. For example, in 2015, we have requested from the Town of Durham just under $29,000. Using the population data from the Durham Town-Wide Market Analysis of approximately 14,000, this equates to just over $2.00 per person per year – a remarkable statistic.

With changes in health care insurance, revenue is declining and McGregor must remain creative in finding sources of income. We are pleased that the McGregor Institute of EMS has provided outstanding Basic and Advanced EMT training as well as our CPR Safe program that through its cadre of instructors taught CPR to nearly 6,000 people in 2014.

As I look out the windshield and down the road, I see 2015 as one of continued growth, enhanced training and unique outreach programs as we remain “Committed to Compassionate Excellence.”

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